LODGING management

There are a lot of tasks that come with managing a resort. Besides upholding the quality of services, there is also housekeeping, owner services, billing, data upkeep, and reservations tracking. Even with a large number of staff members, these things can pile up quickly. Time and energy resources are substantial, and resort operators are challenged due to the workload.

However, the shift to digital management allows staff to manage resorts remotely through timeshare software systems. Leading the market is Viewpoint, which includes a cloud-based structure, RCI integration, and optiREZ. These tools help resorts thrive in today’s competitive market, all while making things faster and more convenient.

Migrating to the cloud

Today, cloud-based systems have become the gold standard for data storage. After all, having a digital backup of sensitive data makes a lot of sense. One does need to worry about physical damage or misplacing vital documents. The system synchronizes files in real-time, and users can access these files any time and anywhere. Staff members no longer have to spend hours cramped in an office to fulfill deliverables; they can do it from other places.

Since resorts are composed of multiple departments, it helps to have tools that enable staff to do particular tasks at a distance. Workers can fulfill these administrative work while not sacrificing time spent on making guests satisfied.

Spend less money by automating through RCI

Viewpoint stays up to date on the tools that make resort management easier. Among the tools in their arsenal is RCI, a vacation exchange program designed to help member businesses keep and distribute data quicker. This sped-up exchange saves time and exertion. RCI displays updates as soon as someone logs them in the system, including outgoing transactions, reservations, and others. The tool also keeps the data in one place and includes unique options for limited offers, membership packages, and featured destinations.

Grow resort profits using the optiREZ software for revenue management

Viewpoint’s benefits do not stop with the cloud system and RCI integration. The timeshare software also has partnerships with the best management tools for business owners. One of the most reliable timeshare software is optiREZ. The goal of this service is to create solutions for problems relating to distribution and income.

optiREZ users have access to over two hundred providers, increasing the scope and reach of your resort. Direct booking is also made more accessible through their optimized platform. optiREZ ensures that resorts maximize their profit opportunities while making it less of a hassle for business owners. The service also offers demand forecast and inventory management tools.

Upgrade the resort experience with Owners Travels Club

It is no secret that customers are the heart of every business. However, it can be challenging to think of ways to retain previous guests. Viewpoint does not just focus on revenue and maintenance because it also provides clients access to the Owners Travels Club. The service is an affiliate program available to timeshare owners. Those who have membership in the Club will have exclusive travel offers like discounts, rentals, and tours. They also have their points and rewards system that can make things more interesting for your guests.

Viewpoint combines the different benefits of these services and adds them to an already powerful timeshare system. Both guests and business owners will experience improved service, one built on convenience and comfort.