New resort timeshare software offers more

Why Cloud-Based Timeshare Software for Resort Management Is Better

Anyone who deals with resort management knows that timeshare software is an absolute must. But what timeshare system is the best one to use? Cloud-based software, such as Viewpoint PMS improves resort management operations and this is how.

  1. Enhancing guest service levels

Viewpoint PMS allows your guests to become members on the site. When they do, they unlock several features. By going onto the website, they can manage their payments, book a rental or reservation, and they can manage their contact details to keep you up to date on it.

  • Increasing revenue

Viewpoint helps increase your resort’s revenue by helping increaser rental revenue and by automating your payments. It also helps you handle bulk payments and does automatic late fees interest charges for outstanding amounts and late fees as well. Viewpoint also handles custom payment plans. By having all of your revenue information in one place, it keeps your resort better organized and helps you better manage it—and, thus, increase it over time.

  • Reducing costs

Viewpoint provides substantial professional resort management functionality while being affordable at the same time. It manages all your revenue information and can help you know when and where to cut corners to reduce the extra costs that you’re spending that you don’t need.

  • Using automated RCI exchange

Handling RCI exchanges manually can take time and be difficult, so by making it automated, Viewpoint makes things easier on you. This gives you less to worry about.

  • Built-in features:

Some of the built-in features that come with Viewpoint are: revenue management, rental distribution, owner’s portal, and resort website. We mentioned a bit about revenue management, which helps maximize revenue. By also handling rental distribution, it keeps occupancy levels up and enhances rates. In addition, owners have their own portals they can log in to and manage all aspects of their resort ownership. And finally, your resort gets its own booking website to keep it maximize low-cost bookings and help people find the resort easier online.

Managing a resort is easier, smoother, and better organized on cloud-based software like Viewpoint PMS.